6 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

6 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Buying a gift for someone who is a dog lover can be tricky. It’s really important to find something that resonates with them, but it can be hard to come up with ideas for these people. Here are 6 gifts that your favorite dog lover would love.

Gift #1: Graphic Wrapped Dog Canvas Wall Art

There are so many fun ways to celebrate a pet. Some of my favorites include custom-made art and photo books by Empire Art Direct such as the Big Doggie Graphic Wrapped Dog Canvas Wall Art. This is great as a Christmas or birthday present. You could even give it as a wedding or shower gift—it’s sure to make everyone smile!

Gift #2: Weekly-Monthly Legend Planner

A planner makes an excellent holiday or birthday present because people always need one on hand to help keep track of appointments, events, and life in general. The Legend Planner has everything a busy woman needs in her day planner; each week is laid out beautifully with plenty of space for writing down everything she needs to remember. Add a pen and some inspirational cards, and she’ll have everything she needs!

Gift #3: Tile Mate Key Finder

For any person who has been known to misplace his keys around his house or office, gifting him with a Tile Mate Key Finder is likely to be well received. This gadget attaches to a keychain and syncs to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. If a user leaves their keys behind, they can click find and press a button on their smartphone, causing a beeping sound to start emanating from within 50 feet. All they have to do is follow the sound until they locate their lost item! A must-have for anyone who searched fruitlessly for hours through couch cushions, pockets, and drawers.

Gift #4: Color Changing Pet Umbrella

These clever umbrellas have paw prints, bones and other unique patterns that show off your passion for animals. Not only do they look cute, they also provide protection from rain, wind and other elements in inclement weather. Plus, they’re light enough to carry around in a purse or bag.

Gift #5: The Book on How to Leash Train Your Dog

If you or someone you know is having trouble walking their dog, purchasing a copy of The Book on How to Leash Train a Dog by Alexandra Santos is probably in order. This delightful book by the famous author gives instructions on how to leash train a dog properly. It explains four different ways of leash training a dog, so the training process is easy and the walks enjoyable. Sample training programs are also provided.

Gift #6: Dog Toys & Treats

Your dog may be a picky eater who is selective about what toys he chooses to play with. The BarkBox offers a customized subscription box of treats and toys that are tailored to your dog’s tastes. Simply fill out a questionnaire about his size, age, breed and chewing habits and a BarkBox representative will do all of the rest.

Every month you receive 2 or 3 toys, 2 bags of treats for him and 2 bags of treats for training purposes. You can rest assured knowing that you are helping to strengthen your dog-human bond and get treats you know your pup will enjoy.

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